Our belief

1) we are on the verge of an era where-by wine will become a consolidated investment asset and have continued growth worldwide;

2) Italian wines are set to be winners in this phase and beyond. Selected and more Italian wines will join the list of ‘powerful’ brands in the fine wine marketplace soon; 

Our investment approach

1) we invest directly in Italian fine wines;

2) we aim to generate an absolute (extra) performance by superior bottle picking; 

3) to benefit from the increasing demand of Italian wines worldwide; 

Investment Strategy and Management style

1) a blend of value and growth strategies;

2) we do not follow any benchmark and/or wine critic scorings;

3) we apply our own valuation and selection methodology;

4) we are a team of 5 advisors and a fund manager with a combined 150 years experience in the wine sector and financial markets. We carry out our own due diligence and company visits with extensive tasting sessions;

5) we view all wineries we invest in as partners;

Reporting policy

Fund NAV is calculated on a quarterly basis; 

Corporate Governance

1) Investment decisions are based on a preliminary indication from the Investment Advisory Committee;

2) Vinthedge Research and Advisory carries out a financial and market screening of the identified fine wines to buy;

3) the investment decisions are finally ratified by the Board of Directors;

Sustainability risk In accordance with article 2 of Regulation EU 2019/2088 (Disclosure Regulation), sustainability risk is defined as an environmental, social or governance event or condition that, if it occurs, could cause an actual or a potential material negative impact on the value of an investment. The impact of environmental, social and governance factors on the value of an investment may vary depending not only on its business activities (e.g. asset type, the sector, size, geographic location and the stage in the life cycle, and liabilities) but also on the governance and strategy of the company for managing them. In accordance with article 3 of the Disclosure Regulation, sustainability risks are integrated in the investment decision-making process of the Fund. The risk assessments and investment decisions are based on internal and external research and assessments on sustainability factors and sustainability risks. While paying particular attention to the governance, environmental and social impact aspects of the Sub – Fund’s investments, the Board of Managers has not yet formally incorporated the ESG criteria into its investment process and risk assessment. The Board of Managers is evaluating the actions to be taken so that these factors can be effectively integrated in harmony with the taxonomy and related provisions in a near future