Our belief

1) we are on the verge of an era where-by wine will become a consolidated investment asset and have continued growth worldwide;

2) Italian wines are set to be winners in this phase and beyond. Selected and more Italian wines will join the list of ‘powerful’ brands in the fine wine marketplace soon; 

Our investment approach

1) we invest directly in Italian fine wines;

2) we aim to generate an absolute (extra) performance by superior bottle picking; 

3) to benefit from the increasing demand of Italian wines worldwide; 

Investment Strategy and Management style

1) a blend of value and growth strategies;

2) we do not follow any benchmark and/or wine critic scorings;

3) we apply our own valuation and selection methodology;

4) we are a team of 5 advisors and a fund manager with a combined 150 years experience in the wine sector and financial markets. We carry out our own due diligence and company visits with extensive tasting sessions;

5) we view all wineries we invest in as partners;

Reporting policy

Fund NAV is calculated on a quarterly basis; 

Corporate Governance

1) Investment decisions are based on a preliminary indication from the Investment Advisory Committee;

2) Vinthedge Research and Advisory carries out a financial and market screening of the identified fine wines to buy;

3) the investment decisions are finally ratified by the Board of Directors;